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Who We Are 

Our bottom line includes improving peoples’ lives.

Krackers Katering operates as a business but is managed on the belief that financial profit should never come at the expense of people's growth, independence and well being. Created to achieve both social and economic objectives, Krackers is staffed by individuals who have experienced barriers to employment, including people with mental illness and other challenges. Since 1999, Krackers has grown into a successful social enterprise where over 150 people have gained substantive training and work experience enabling them to move on to other employment opportunities in the community.

In addition to enjoying delicious and competitively priced food, Krackers' customers receive the added value of knowing that they are giving back to their community with each order they purchase.

Krackers Katering is a member of the Causeway Group of Social Businesses, a growing network of socially minded, not-for-profit ventures focused on transforming disadvantaged lives through training and employment.

Krackers Katering is grateful for the support provided by United Way East Ontario


For a powerful understanding of the impact our business model can have, watch these video profiles of our valued staff:


Stephanie suffered from anxiety and depression issues that prevented her from maintaining a job. With the help of Krackers Katering, a program offered through the United Way Ottawa partner agency, the Causeway Work Centre, Stephanie was able to learn the skills to maintain a job.

A candid short feature on one of Krackers Katering's valued client-employees, Mike Collins.

Krackers is a Causeway Work Centre social enterprise. Produced by Carleton Journalism Students Maya Hamovitch, Emma Loop and Jessica Wong.

Doing Business Differently - Entreprendre autrement (Krackers Katering) A successful social enterprise in Ottawa, Ontario. Une entreprise sociale à succès à Ottawa (Ontario). Par le Conseil de la coopération de l'Ontario, 2016. www.cco.coop

Krackers Katering: Great food for the greater good. Social enterprise in action: featuring Causeway's oldest social business. 6 November 2008 CTV News @ Six

After losing his job in the high tech sector, Grant turned to alcohol. His unemployment left him without a purpose and fueled his addiction. Causeway connected Grant with a job at their social enterprise Krackers Katering, which provides training and skills to individuals with mental illness.