Terms & Conditions

At Krackers Katering we do our best to accommodate last minute orders, but there are times when we will be unable to do so.  In order to reserve your booking please contact us as early as possible, especially during the holidays and the spring seasons.    

In order to best serve you, please be aware of the following:


Booking and Final Numbers

We would appreciate at least (5) business days notice in order for you to book your event, select your menu and confirm your estimate (via email).

After creating your estimate, please be aware that your booking slot is not reserved until we receive confirmation from you that yes, you would like to move forward with Krackers as your caterer with the details outlined in your estimate (including address and time of delivery, approximate number of people and menu selection).   

Your final details for invoicing purposes are required by noon no less than (2) business days before your event (but we would appreciate them as early as possible).  This will allow us appropriate time to organize your food selections and our staffing needs.

A minimum of (7) business days is required for orders over 100 people including holiday events, BBQs and receptions that require staffing.  These large events require confirmation of details the week before your event.  

Payment Information

The final invoice will be submitted to you via email within (2) business days post-event and your payment is due 30 days after your event.  No exceptions will be made.  We accept cheque, Visa and MasterCard payments.  Direct deposit for your organization can also be arranged through our office.  Please note that any late invoices will be charged at a rate of 2% per month.

Please do not submit payments to our drivers upon delivery of your catering order.  All payment must be made through the main Krackers office.


Your order includes eco-friendly, compostable plates and cutlery, cups and stir sticks, as well as serving tongs and spoons when required.  Everything you and your guests need to enjoy your catering!  Please note our drivers do not return to pick-up this equipment. 

If you order a coffee/tea service or from our hot food selections, Krackers staff will return to pick-up our equipment.  The time and location must be organized in advance with the office manager who will include the information on your estimate.  Please ensure you or a representative of your group has all needed equipment ready to go for our drivers to pick-up.  Any equipment not recovered, damaged, or stolen during the duration of the event is the responsibility of the client and the cost will be included in your final invoice.

Delivery Charges

The minimum catering amount eligible for delivery is $100 before tax.  If your order is less, you are welcome to pick-up your order from our kitchen.  Weekend orders require a minimum of $500 before tax.  Please contact our office for information and to compile your estimate.

Our standard delivery fee is $15.00 for an order over $100.00 before tax.  If your catering includes our coffee/tea service, or you have chosen from our hot food selections, our driver will return to your location and pick-up our equipment.  This return fee is an additional $10.00.  

Lastly, if your catering is being delivered outside of our standard delivery zone of Blair Rd to the East, Bayshore in the West, Hunt-Club to the South and Allumettieres to the North, an additional fee of $5.00 will be applied.

Menu Items and Special Dietary Requests

Certain menu items are subject to change due to availability. Krackers Katering has a selection of gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options available. Please consult our menu.

We will do our best to accommodate special requests HOWEVER it is important to prioritize your guest's needs when organizing your catering and to keep your requests specific and concise. This will greatly avoid any chance of error with your order.

Some of our ingredients may have come into contact with products that may cause reactions in people with food sensitivities or allergies. This is particularly important for our guests with gluten, nut and fish allergies.

For guests who have inhalation or contact allergies, we must remind you that Krackers Katering is not an allergen-free facility.

Cancellation Information

When organizing an event with Krackers, please recognize that we are committing time and resources, and cancellations would result in lost income and lost business opportunities. With this in mind, we must receive all notice of cancellations through email at least (2) business days prior to your event. Any cancellation made less than (2) full business days prior to the event will be charged 100% of the estimated contract. In the event of a late cancellation due to inclement weather, 25% of the contract will be billed to the customer, unless the contract is simply transferred to another date.